How do young people want to celebrate their birthday?

Many adolescents take the narrowness of their parents' home for a party, when the guardians say good bye for the party. But the idea of ​​leaving the home to the offspring and his friends does not suit everyone.

For example, parents can be found in the area where they are younger. In the child day, on the With the indication of the postal code and the age of the child a visit to the climbing garden. Playing theater or shooting a professional short film at Bavaria Filmstadt in Munich.

Visiting a karting or bowling alley is very popular with young people. Instead of the traditional scavenger hunt from childbirthdays, teenagers find geocaching, the modern GPS variant, more exciting – and like to solve tasks in order to lift the "treasure".

Often it is therefore possible to rent rooms in youth centers for parties. For entertainment then, for example, karaoke singing. Those who are in the middle of a home affair are "Strong parents": "Even against wild parties in-house speaks nothing. Thus, after all, the principle of "consequence in the education of children" also applies to young people – and their guests.

It may well be that your friends invites your friends via Facebook & Co (Facebook) party ").

You may find a template for printing under "cool party invitation" at But do not tell your offspring on which side you have the design – the almost-grown-ups might be bothered by the name, after all, they do not want to celebrate a "children's birthday" anymore.

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